Terms of use


1. Introduction 1. Introduction

1.1. Visiting any of the sections of the (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") or by opening an account, you automatically agree to all items of the User Agreement (hereinafter "Agreement"), Privacy Policy, the rules of each of the games, advertising conditions, bonuses and special The proposals that appear from time to time on the Site. Before accepting the terms of the Agreement, it is advisable to carefully read all of its provisions. If you do not wish or can not agree to these terms and comply with them, we recommend that you do not open an account or use the Site. The subsequent use of the Site will mean that you accept all the provisions of this Agreement.

General Terms and Conditions General Terms and Conditions

2. Change conditions 2. Change conditions

2.1. has the right to make any changes, update, edit and modify the Agreement for a number of reasons: legal, commercial, as well as for reasons related to customer service. Actual clauses of the Agreement and the effective dates of their entry into force are available on the Site. We inform players of all amendments, changes and additions, by posting an updated Agreement on the Site. The player is personally responsible for acquaintance with the current Agreement. The Company has the right to make changes to the work of the Site at any time and without prior informing the players.

2.2. In case of disagreement with the changes in the Agreement, you are free to stop using the Site and close the account, having pre-executed paragraph 11 of the current Agreement. The subsequent use of the Site after the entry into force of the updated provisions of the Agreement is considered as its full acceptance, including any substitutions, additions, deletions and other changes in information relating to the Casino referred to in paragraph 2.1 of the current Agreement, whether you have the appropriate notice or read about them in the amended Agreement.

3. Legal requirements 3. Legal requirements

3.1. Persons under 18 years of age or age ("Admissible age") who are required to legally participate in gambling, in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction, can not use the services of the Site. Any use of the Site by persons who have not reached the Admissible Age is considered a violation of the terms of the Agreement. In this regard, the Company has the right to request documents confirming the age of the players. You may be denied services and your account may be suspended if, at the request of the Casino, you are not provided with evidence that you have reached the Admissible Age.

3.2. Online gambling is illegal in some jurisdictions. By accepting the Agreement, you acknowledge the fact that the Casino can not provide you with guarantees or legal advice regarding the legitimacy of using the Site in your jurisdiction. The casino can not claim that the services of the Site do not violate the laws of your jurisdiction. You use the Site at your discretion and assume full responsibility, aware of all possible risks.

3.3. The Casino does not intend to provide you with services that violate the laws of your jurisdiction. By accepting the Agreement, you acknowledge and warrant that the use of the Site services is in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. The casino is not responsible for the illegal use of the Site services.

3.4. Persons residing or residing on the territory of the United States are not allowed to open accounts or contribute money to the Site. Changes in the list of jurisdictions are possible, and they can be made by the Company without prior notification to the players. You agree that you will not open an account or transfer funds to it while in the territory of one of the jurisdictions listed above.

3.5. Players are fully responsible for the payment of taxes and fees, which are applied to any monetary winnings resulting from the use of the services of the Site. In those cases where, in accordance with the laws of a certain jurisdiction withthe winning must be paid a tax, the full responsibility for drawing up a documentary account of the winnings and losses falls on the players.

4. Account opening 4. Account opening

4.1. To fully use all the services of the Site, you need to open an account. To do this, you must specify your e-mail address and choose the password that will be used to log in, and also provide personal information, in particular a name, phone number and date of birth. (Optional)

4.2. If you need to verify the truth of the information provided, the Casino can request documents proving your identity. If for some reason you can not provide documents confirming your identity, the Casino has the right to suspend your account until you provide them, or finally close the account in case of failure to provide the required documents.

4.3. You guarantee that when registering on the Site you indicated full, accurate and reliable information about yourself, and in case of changes in it, you will immediately make the necessary changes to this data. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the application of restrictions, suspension or blocking of the account, as well as cancellation of payments.

4.4. If you have any questions or problems when registering on the Site, you can contact technical support by e-mail:

4.5. You can open only one account on the Site. All other accounts opened by you will be treated as duplicate accounts. The casino reserves the right to close such accounts and:

4.5.1. to recognize as invalid all transactions with a duplicate account;

4.5.2. return to players all bets or deposits made with a backup account;

4.5.3. all winnings, bonuses and refunds received when using a backup account will be lost by the players. They can be demanded by us, and players are required to return these funds on demand.

5. ID confirmation; money laundering protection 5. ID confirmation; money laundering protection

5.1. By accepting the data you are entitled to use the services of the Site, you agree, agree and warrant that:

5.1.1. You are already at least 18 years of age or have reached an Admissible Age that allows you to participate in gambling without violating the applicable laws of your jurisdiction;

5.1.2. You are a full and legitimate owner of funds on your account. All information provided by you corresponds to the truth, is up-to-date, reliable and accurate;

5.1.3. You are fully aware of the possible risks of losing money while using the services of the Site, and you assume full responsibility for any such losses. You agree that you use the Site at your own will, decision and at your own risk. You have no right to file claims against the Company related to your losses and losses;

5.1.4. You are well aware of the general ways, procedures and rules for providing services and playing games on the Internet. You realize that you are fully responsible for ensuring the correctness of data, rates and games. You agree not to commit acts and actions that may damage the reputation of the Casino.

5.2. By accepting the terms of the Agreement, you give us the right to conduct periodic inspections (at our discretion or the request of third parties, including authorized bodies) in order to confirm your identity and this information.

5.3. During the audit period, the possibility of withdrawing funds from your account may be limited.

5.4. If, during the audit, the information provided is false, it means that the terms of the contract have been violated and we are entitled to immediately close your account or deny you the opportunity to use the services of the Site, in addition to any other actions at our discretion.


5.5. In the event that we can not confirm that you have reached the Admissible age, we have the right to suspend the operation of your account. If your age was less than the Allowable at the time of participation in operations on the Site, then:

5.5.1. Your account will be closed;

5.5.2. the funds deposited in your account will be refunded, and all money transactions made during this time will become invalid;

5.5.3. all bets made during this period will be canceled and returned;

5.5.4. the amount of winnings accumulated for the period when your age was less than the Allowable will be lost by you. You are required to return to us, at your first request, all funds withdrawn from your account.

6. User name, password and security 6. Username, password and security

6.1. After opening an account on the Site, you are required to keep your password and username in secret and in no case to disclose this information to third parties. If you lose the data needed to access the account, you can learn or restore them by clicking on the "Recover password" button located under the login window.

6.2. You are responsible for keeping the password, as well as for any actions and transactions made with your account. In addition, you are responsible for all losses incurred by you as a result of actions of third parties.

6.3. In cases of security breach and unauthorized access to your account, you must immediately notify the Casino of them. If necessary, you must provide the Casino with proof of unauthorized access. The casino is not responsible for any damage caused by the players due to improper or careless use of the username and password by third parties or for unauthorized access to the account.

7. Deposits, placing and withdrawal of funds from the account 7. Deposits, placement and withdrawal of funds from the account

7.1. In order to take part in gambling on the Site, you must place a certain amount of money on your account.

7.2. You acknowledge and agree that:

7.2.1. the funds deposited in your account do not have a criminal, illegal or unauthorized origin;

7.2.2. You agree not to waive past transactions, not to deny or cancel payments made by you, which may cause a third party refund for avoiding legal liability.

7.3. We can not accept cash from third parties: friends, relatives, spouses or partners. You are obliged to deposit funds into your account only from an account, payment card or system registered in your name. If a security check determines the violation of this condition, then all winnings may be confiscated.

7.4. In case of requesting a bank transfer to return the funds to their rightful owner, all costs and commissions are covered by the recipient.

7.5. When replenishing an account using SMS, you can use only one phone number. Users can not use any form of credit from mobile network operators to deposit funds, even when the latter offer this service. If there is a negative balance on the account, you will not be able to send SMS using such SMS-loans. Violation of this rule entails including the name of the intruder in the black list and blocking the account.

7.6. We do not accept payments under any circumstances in cash in cash. We can use for electronic payments, including payments and payments to our players, various organizations for the processing of electronic payments or financial institutions. Except where the rules and conditions of such institutions are not inconsistent with the terms of the Agreement, you agree to be bound by such regulations.

7.7. You agree not to refuse, not to cancel or revoke transactions made to your account. And in each of these cases you are obliged to return or compensate to us the amount of unplaced funds, inclusive with the costs that we can incur in collecting your deposits.

7.8. With suspicious or fraudulent account replenishment, the Company has the right to block such an account, cancel payments and recover winnings. We have the right to inform the relevant authorities about fraud with payments and illegal activities. We have the right to resort to the services of collection agencies for the return of payments. The company is not liable for unauthorized use of credit cards, regardless of whether it was reported about their theft or not.

7.9. We have the right to use the positive balance of your account to pay off the amount that you have to reimburse the Casino, including the cases of repeated bets or wagers in accordance with clause 4.5, clause 9 ("Collusion, actions, misleading, fraud and criminal activities) or paragraph 15 ("Errors and shortcomings").

7.10. You are fully aware and accept that your account is not a bank account. Thus, it does not apply to itinsurance funds, guarantees, replenishments and other means of protection from the system of deposit insurance and any other insurance systems. The money on your account can not be accrued interest.

7.11. You can request a withdrawal from your account at any time, provided that:

7.11.1. all payments transferred to the account have been verified, and none of them have been canceled or canceled;

7.11.2. the verification actions, which were discussed in section 5, were carried out properly.

8.12. When preparing an application for withdrawal of funds from an account, the following points should be considered:

7.12.1. Your profile must be completely filled out;

7.12.2. the funds should be output in the same way as they used to be entered into the account;

7.12.3. according to the rules of MasterCard, we can not return money to credit cards of our players. That is, deposits made with the help of the MasterCard will be returned in an alternative way;

7.12.4. in cases where the amount requested for withdrawal exceeds 5,000R, the identification procedure is mandatory. It is carried out by sending a copy or digital photograph of a player's identity document, such as a passport or ID card. On the image of the document you can fill in the number and the passport number. The casino also has the right to request other additional documents;

7.12.5. in cases where the turnover of funds is the same amount of the rates on the account is less than the triple deposit amount, the Casino has the right to withhold 10% of the amount (but not less than 0.5 USD) of withdrawal as payment costs;

7.12.6. in cases where the transfer of funds was made with the help of a telephone operator, payments are made only 2 to 3 weeks after the last deposit entered in this way has been credited to your account. Such terms are stipulated by mandatory check for fraud.

7.13. We have the right to retain a commission in the amount of our costs of withdrawing funds not involved in the game.

7.14. The withdrawal amount to 20 000 rubles (up to 500 $) is paid to the client's account within 3 days from the date of filing the application, with the exception of weekends and holidays.

7.15. The amount of withdrawal from 20 000 to 100 000 rubles (from $ 500 to $ 3 000) is paid to the customer's account within 6 days from the date of filing the application, except for weekends and holidays.

7.16. The withdrawal amount from 100 000 to 1 000 000 rubles (from 3 000 $ to 30 000 $) is paid to the client's account within 14 days from the date of filing the application, except for weekends and holidays.

7.17. The amount of withdrawal from 1 000 000 rubles (from 30 000 $) is paid to the client's account within 30 days from the date of application and not more than 1 000 000 rubles (30 000 $) within 30 days from the date of application.

7.18. Other ways of withdrawing winning funds are discussed separately with the Administration of the Website.

8. The rules of the game and placing bets on the site 8. The rules of the game and placing bets on the site

8.1. You are responsible for the truth of information about any transaction you make, before you confirm your bet during the game itself.

8.2. Full details of your transactions can be found on the Site by going to the "Cashier" section.

8.3. We have the right to refuse to conduct any transaction requested by you through the Site, in the event that you have violated the terms of the Agreement. No transaction can be considered accepted until you receive a confirmation from us. If the confirmation was not received, please contact the technical support service with the appropriate request.

8.4. You can only place bets on funds in your account.

9. Collusion, actions, deceptive, fraudulent and criminal activities 9. Collusion, actions, deceptive, fraudulent and criminal activities

9.1. The following activities are deemed inadmissible and constitute a direct violation of the terms of the Agreement:

9.1.1. transfer of information to a third party;

9.1.2. use of illegal actions: fraud, malware, errors in our software and the use of bots;

9.1.3. fraudulent activities, including use of stolen, cloned or obtained by other illicit means for credit or debit card to make a deposit;

9.1.4. participation in criminal activities, money laundering and other activities, participation in which may lead to criminal consequences;

9.1.5. entry, an attempt to collude or intention in thator otherwise take part in collusion with another player during the game on the Site.

9.2. We have the right to suspend, cancel or revoke payment or winnings associated with the bonus funds (bonuses, etc.) in cases of our suspicion that you abuse them.

9.3. The Company will accept all permissible, reasonable and legally permitted measures to exclude and identify fraudulent conspiracies and their immediate participants; appropriate measures will be taken against these persons. The casino is not responsible for the losses and damage caused to players as a result of collusion and fraudulent activities. Any of our actions on this matter remain at our discretion.

9.4. Players should inform us as soon as possible if they suspect that a certain person is in collusion or carries out fraudulent activities. You can contact us by e-mail.

9.5. We have the right, without prior notice to players access to the Site and to block their accounts, if they are suspected of fraudulent activity. In such cases, we disclaim all responsibility for the return and compensation of funds held in the account of such a player. In addition, we have the right to inform the relevant authorities about illegal activities. Players are obligated to cooperate fully with us when investigating such a situation.

9.6. Players are prohibited from using the services and software for any fraudulent or illegal acts or transactions in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction. The company has the right to suspend or block the player's account and to withhold funds. In such cases, players do not have the right to claim the Casino.

10. Other prohibited activities on the site 10. Other prohibited activities on the site

10.1. Visitors are prohibited from using on the Site an aggressive or offensive manner of communication, threats, profanity and any violent actions against the employees and players of the Site.

10.2. It is forbidden to upload information on the Site to the extent that the Site may be malfunctioning and perform any other actions that may have an impact on the operation of the resource. In this case, we mean viruses, malware, mass mailing and spam - all this is strictly prohibited. In addition, it is forbidden to delete or modify information posted on the Site.

10.3. You agree to use the Site solely for entertainment purposes. It is prohibited to copy the entire website or any part thereof without the prior written consent of the Company.

10.4. You agree not to conduct any actions aimed at breaking our security system, obtaining illegal access to private data or DoS-attacks. In relation to each player who is suspected of violating this rule, appropriate measures will be taken: a complete ban on access to the Site and blocking of the account. In addition, we have the right to inform the responsible authorities about illegal actions.

10.5. We are not responsible for the losses and losses that our players or a third party may incur as a result of technical failures caused by virus attacks or other malicious actions directed at the Site.

10.6. It is forbidden to transfer, sell bills between players or lose chips for their further transfer to another player. Intentional loss of chips occurs at a time when the user is purposefully losing the game to transfer money to another player.

11. Term and cancellation of the agreement 11. Term and cancellation of the agreement

11.1. Any player can, if desired, terminate his account (delete his user name and password) by sending a letter to

11.2. Until the player receives a confirmation that the account is closed, he is fully responsible for any actions with his account from the moment the request is sent to the closing and before it is executed.

11.3. Before closing the account, we have the right to collect from him a commission for the amount that the player owes to the Company. If the player's account is blocked, canceled or deleted, the funds that were available on it at the time of closing are not refunded and no other funds can be credited to it or cashed. Further player access to such an account will not be possible.

11.4. In the event of cancellation of an account, neither party has any obligations to the other.

11.5. The company has the right to remove the player's account (as well as the name and password) without prior notice in the following cases:

11.5.1. The company decided to stop providing services to all users in general or to a particular player;

11.5.2. the player's account is somehow connected to a previously deleted account;

11.5.3. the player's account is linked to the currently blocked accounts, then we have the right to close it, regardless of how it was linked to it, and completely lock the credentials on these accounts. In addition to the cases specified in the Agreement, the balance on the player's account will be returned to him within a certain period, immediately after filing the request and withholding the amount that the player owes to the Casino;

11.5.4. The player participates in a criminal conspiracy or attempts to hack the system;

11.5.5. The player interferes with the operation of the software or attempts to manipulate it;

11.5.6. the player uses his account for purposes that can be considered as unlawful, in accordance with the applicable law of the jurisdiction in which he is located;

11.5.7. the player publishes offensive or degrading information on the Site.

11.6. If the player's account remains inactive for an extended period of 6 or more months, we are entitled to close the account or suspend it without prior notice.

11.7. The Company has the right to close the player's account or cancel the Agreement by sending the player a notice to the address indicated in the contact information. In cases of similar actions on our part, except for the situations described in clauses 11 ("Conspiracy, acts of deception, fraud and criminal activity") and 17 ("Violation of the terms") of the current Agreement, we undertake to return to the player the balance amount, which is on the account. If we can not contact the player, the money will be temporarily transferred to the account of the Company or the supervisory authority.

12. Changes on the site 12. Changes on the site

12.1. We have the right, at our discretion, to make changes or add to the services offered on the Site at any time in order to support and update the resource.

13. System errors 13. System errors

13.1. If in the course of the game any breakdown in the operation of the Site system occurs, the Company will try to correct the situation as soon as possible. We are not responsible for the malfunction of information technology tools caused by the operation of equipment used by players to access the Site, as well as for failures in the operation of Internet providers.

14. Errors and defects 14. Errors and shortcomings

14.1. In the process of using the services of the Site, there may be situations when the acceptance of a bet or payment was made with errors on the part of the Company (incorrect setting of conditions for gambling rates on our part as a result of an omission or error when entering information or a computer malfunction or making an error in the counting winnings or refunds due to the player, including due to incorrect manual or automatic data entry.)

14.2. We have the right to limit or cancel any bet.

14.3. If the player has used the funds received on his account as a result of an error, to place bets and participate in the game, we can cancel such bets and any winnings obtained with their help. In cases when cash payments were made at such rates, these amounts should be considered transferred to the player in trust management, the player must return them at our first request.

14.4. The company and service providers are not liable for damages, including loss of winnings, resulting from an error on the part of the player orfrom our side.

14.5. The Company, its distributors, licensees, affiliates, subsidiaries, employees and directors are not liable for any loss or damage caused by the interception or misuse of information transmitted over the Internet.

15. Limitation of our responsibility 15. Limitation of our responsibility

15.1. You agree with the fact that the choice regarding whether to use the services of the Site or not is entirely upon you, and any action is your own choice, taken at your discretion at your own peril and risk.

15.2. The Site is operated on the basis of this Agreement. We do not give any additional guarantees or assurances to the Site and the services offered on it, and thereby exclude our responsibility (in accordance with the law) for all implied warranties.

15.3. The Company is not liable for any offenses, negligence, damages, losses and losses that we can not foresee at the moment. The company is not responsible for the content of resources that can be accessed through the Site.

16. Breach of conditions 16. Violation of conditions

16.1. Players undertake to reimburse us for any costs, claims and costs (including shipping costs) that may arise as a result of a violation of the terms of this Agreement.

16.2. Players agree to fully indemnify, defend and defend the interests of the Company, its partners, employees and directors against any claims, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses incurred as a result of:

16.2.1. player violation termsAgreements;

16.2.2. player's infringement of laws and third-party rights;

16.2.3. access to the services of any other person with the help of your user identification with or without your permission, or;

16.2.4. reception of the winnings received in this way.

16.3. In cases where players violate the terms of the Agreement, we are entitled to:

16.3.1. Notify the player that he violates the termsAgreement, and demand termination of such actions;

16.3.2. suspend the account of the player;

16.3.3. block the player's account without prior notice;

16.3.4. withdraw from the player's account the amount of payouts, winnings or bonuses acquired as a result of the violation.

16.4. We reserve the right to cancel the username and password of the player, if any of the provisions of the Agreement are not respected.

17. Intellectual property rights 17. Intellectual property rights

17.1. All content of the Site is subject to copyright and other proprietary rights owned by the Company. All printed and downloadable materials on the Site can be downloaded to only one computer. You can print these materials solely for personal and non-commercial use.

17.2. The use of the Site does not grant players any rights to intellectual property belonging to the Company or a third party.

17.3. Any use or reproduction of the trademark, logos, trademarks and other promo materials on the Site is prohibited.

17.4. Players will be held responsible for any damage, costs or expenses incurred as a result of prohibited activities. Users are required to promptly notify the Company if they become aware of any prohibited activities by any person and provide the necessary assistance in carrying out investigations that the Company may conduct in the light of the information provided.

18. Personal Information 18. Personal Information

18.1. We comply with the data protection requirements in the form in which the Company uses personal information collected during the user's visit to the Site. For this reason, we take seriously our commitment to how we use the players' personal data. The company processes the personal information provided by the players, with the utmost respect for the privacy policy.

18.2. By submitting personal information, players automatically agree that we have the right to process personal data for the purposes described in the Agreement and the purposes of the Site or to comply with regulatory and legal obligations.

18.3. In accordance with our privacy policy, we undertake not to disclose the personal information of the players to anyone other than employees who need access to personal data of players for the provision of services.

18.4. We keep a copy of all correspondence received from the players in order to register the information received.

19. Use of cookies on the Site 19. Use of cookies on the Site

19.1. We use cookies to ensure the functionality of the Site. "Cookie" is a small text file that is saved on the user's computer when visiting the Site, and allows us to re-recognize specific players when they visit the resource again. For more information on monitoring and deleting cookies, visit Please note that deleting our cookies may result in blocking access to certain sections and functions of the Site.

20. Complaints and notices 20. Complaints and Notices

20.1. In the event of any complaints or claims arising from the operation of the Site, the first step is to notify your claim to the technical support as soon as possible.

20.2. Players agree that in the event of a dispute, records from the server will be used as final evidence in determining the results of the claim.

20.3. Players agree that the results of games on the Site are determined based on the operation of the random number generator. It generates events in an arbitrary way. In the event of discrepancies between the results of the game on the players computer and the results on our server, the results on the server will be considered final. In the case of a mismatch in the display of the balance, preference is given to the balance on the server. Cash amounts from the player's account will be lost if this is caused by a human error or a technical problem.

21. Transfer of rights and obligations 21. Transfer of rights and duties

21.1. We have the right to transfer, assign, pledge and sub-license the Agreement in whole or in part to any person, provided that such assignment will be on the same terms or conditions no less beneficial to the players.

22. Force majeure circumstances 22. Force majeure circumstances

22.1. The Company is not liable in cases of delay or non-fulfillment of any of the obligations listed in the Agreement, if they are caused by force majeure circumstances, which should be understood as natural disasters, civil unrest, wars, public utility interruptions, industrial disputes, DoS -attacks or similar Internet attacks, which may have a negative impact on the operation of the Site.

22.2. For the duration of the force majeure circumstances, the activity of the Site is considered to be suspended, and during this period a deferment of performance of obligations will be in effect. The company will use all possible resources to find solutions through which it will be possible to fully fulfill its obligations until the end of the force majeure circumstances.

23. Disclaimer 23. Disclaimer

23.1. If we can not ensure the player's performance of any obligation, or we ourselves can not take advantage of any of the remedies we are entitled to, this will not be a waiver of these remedies, and will not absolve the player from fulfilling the obligations.

23.2. None of our refusals to fulfill any of the obligations listed in the Agreement is valid unless it is formalized and transmitted in full accordance with the above.

24. Severability of the agreement 24. Divisibility of the agreement

24.1. If any of the clauses of the Agreement become invalid, illegal or void, this provision will be separated from the rest of the Agreement, which fully retains its legal force. In such cases, the part that is considered invalid will be modified in accordance with the updated standards.

25. Legislation and jurisdiction 25. Legislation and Jurisdiction

25.1. The current Agreement is subject to and interpreted in accordance with the laws of France, all players are subject to the exclusive law of the ship jurisdiction of this country in settling any disputes that may arise in connection with the creation, validity, interpretation, effect, effect or legal relationship established in the Agreement.

26. Links 26. Links

26.1. The site can contain links to other resources that are beyond the control of the Casino. We are not responsible for the content of other sites, the actions or inaction of their owners, and for the content of third-party advertising and sponsors. Hyperlinks to other resources are provided for informational purposes only. Players can use them exclusively at their own peril and risk.

27. If the Company suspects you of abusing or attempting to abuse points or any other type of promotion, or in abusing the lack of necessary information in the Terms and Conditions accepted by the Casino, the Casino has the right to prohibit, withhold or refuse to pay you points or other encouragement. In addition, we have the right, in our sole discretion, temporarily or permanently to change our policy with respect to you, block access to certain site services and game account. We are not obligated to refund to you the funds that may be in your account, with the exception of the original deposit amount.